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Capital Pursuit

Be a Minimalist

When it comes to raising capital, “less is more” during an introductory meeting, at least in my experience. Be wary of overwhelming a potential investor with a hoard of detailed information about your work. Those carefully-crafted, data-heavy tables may be better…
Capital Pursuit

Find That Elusive Anchor Investor

Securing a pledge from the first backer is the highest hurdle, in part because founders are often upended by rejection. Yet there are a few points on which you can focus to find that elusive anchor investor. One choice is to ensure that you have identified the right sort of…
Capital Pursuit

You Control the Fundraising Process

Due diligence means something different to everyone. One certain point is that it seldom amounts to handing over a pile of paperwork, although that is often where the process starts. Just remember that the paperwork should be well-organized and flawlessly presented. You…
Commodity Markets

Vietnam Captures Global Coffee Trade

Which country is the world’s largest coffee producer? You would guess correctly with Brazil. But the world’s second largest? The answer is Vietnam. Producers based in Buôn Ma Thuột—the city at the heart of the Vietnamese…
Commodity Markets

Tech Metals Ignite Mining Industry

There may not be enough tech metals worldwide to meet soaring demand. In most cases, mobile phones and solar panels are produced with lithium or indium. Other essential metals for tech-related industries include cobalt and lanthanum…

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Interfaith Dialogue

Upend ignorance. We encourage colleagues to read "Countering the Islamophobia Industry," published by the Carter Center.

Halal Focus

Muslims Mourn Gold Price

A major announcement in Islamic finance has been sidelined by a sharp turn in market conditions. Guidelines by industry regulators now define gold-use standards for Shariah-compliant banks and asset managers. The news may lead to broad-based recalibration of the gold market…
Halal Focus

Islamic Finance Falters on Global Stage

Tiny Malta has long flirted with Islamic finance to put it more firmly on the map as an offshore banking center. Ironically, the country may have now identified an ideal project for a sukuk—sometimes called an Islamic bond—at a time when it may not need Middle East…
Halal Focus

Entrepreneurs Gain From Burkini Effect

While France battles the burkini on its beaches, the halal fashion industry benefits from an unexpected boost. The Australia-based company that helped to pioneer the swimsuit style claims that sales are skyrocketing. It seems that French authorities have unwittingly created…
Hospitality Sector

Theme Parks Benefit From Unexpected Investors

Tottering theme parks may find new life in corporate venture capital, largely for knowledge-transfer reasons. And while it may be too early to identify a trend, we are intrigued by the announcement that China’s Fuson Group will be buying a minority stake of the…
Hospitality Sector

Cruise Industry Propelled by Geopolitical Unrest

As tourists rethink their itineraries amid terrorist concerns, the cruise industry is seeing a revenue windfall. The three major stocks—Royal Caribbean, Carnival, and Norwegian Cruise Line—have registered impressive double-digit gains over recent months. Analysts soured…