Hello! My name is Douglas Johnson. On this blog, I highlight topics that circulate through our hallway discussions at Cranganore. My opinions are hammered by others’ wisdom.

Craftsman One is derived from the corporate tagline Craftsmen of Capital. I originally resisted the concept as too lofty, but the more I explored the texture of our finance-sector work, the more I warmed to its use.

Among the qualities that define our assignments is their handcrafted orientation. This work once required only the precision of a carpenter. Yet because of the challenges faced by the global economy, investment projects now demand the strength of an ironsmith.

My Background

I thought that I was going to Kyoto, but I ended up in Kuwait. Maybe I should have paid more attention to the departure announcements at Changi Airport. Does jetlag provoke rediscovery?

Over the years, I have pursued deals for issuers and investors in non-traditional markets. My career-long commitment to emerging markets in general and the Muslim world in particular has led me to focus heavily on the Islamic crescent, stretching from Casablanca to Jakarta.

At my firm, our efforts span the complex and unusual, unapoligetically so. These risk-related projects generate deep, recurring insight into capital markets worldwide.

Douglas Johnson, Managing Director, Cranganore Inc

My best investment decision? It must have been those so-called Chinese incense burners. Do I have a favorite city? Both Istanbul and Kolkata nurture my affection. And the most amazing coffee bean? I would rather not say because of the potential for surging demand. But here is one clue: Start at Lands End. With a skilled driver, the journey should take 17-to-20 hours. Conventional directions are imperfect.

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In America, Cranganore Inc. does not engage individual investors on advisory issues. Please consult your personal financial consultant. Our Commercial Disclosure is available for review on the main corporate website.

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