Asian nations may be looking to China for leadership on resolving the North Korean crisis in ways that it used to look to Washington. We should get used to Beiing's prominence on the global stage, in part because it spotlights the reality of the global economy at a time when the US seems to be embracing a protectionist worldview.

Easternization  (Affiliate Link)
Asia's Rise and America's Decline From Obama to Trump and Beyond
Gideon Rachman

Few governments around the world feel a need to demonize Beijing in the way that Washington does, at least in the Trump era. That posture is likely to get worse as the White House looks to deflect its critics by causing an occasional diplomatic ruckus. But the US may be alone in that stance. Much of Asia, if not the world, is willing to acquiesce to China’s ascent. The author, the chief foreign affairs commentator at the Financial Times, has orchestrated a highly readable account of a global order in which America plays a diminished role. The book will find a natural audience with international affairs specialists, but global investors too will benefit from the cadence of the world tour. Making cross-border investment decisions in a world taunted by political shifts and economic realignment is uncomfortable. Easternization lifts the analysis beyond parochial, bilateral concerns into the multilateral arena.

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